Truck Bodybuilding – plough, tipper, crane & load changer

We can quickly and easily develop special solutions for truck bodybuilding and assembly of different types of equipment. Our skilled fitters guarantee timely, high-quality addons and at the right price.


At SpriderMaskiner, we are chiefly involved with truck bodybuilding for asphalt transport and asphalt laying, but we also take on other types of vehicles. We also offer installation of both tippers and hook lifts, as well as accessories such as cranes and ploughing equipment.

When it comes to hook lift systems and general cargo cranes, we work with HIAB as our main supplier, while CMT or CIF Bennes supplies tipper frames and bins for tippers. We buy ploughing equipment from AB Mähler & Söner.

Three reasons to choose us as your truck addon supplier:

  • No one has as much in-depth knowledge as we do when it comes to optimising trucks, Spriders and constructions to become efficient entities for Sprider operations.
  • Our excellent knowledge of hydraulics enables us to build a hydraulic system optimally adapted to the truck’s intended use.
  • We are flexible and responsive to your various needs and wants, and can provide solutions to most needs in a short time.

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