Sprider M-25

Sprider M-25 has over the past 25 years revolutionised the paving of smaller surfaces. Because it eliminated the greater part of the heavy and manual work, it also reduced the total amount of work and, at the same time, improved efficiency and quality. Sprider M-25 is mounted on the truck bed and operated using a simple remote control.

Sprider M-25 consists of a flexible screw conveyor for laying asphalt on smaller or irregularly shaped surfaces. Through the flexible and remote-controlled transport arm, the asphalt is spread where it is needed and in the right volume.

Using Sprider M-25 when paving smaller surfaces means in most cases significantly less manual work than with traditional methods. On top of that, there is rarely any need for more than 3-4 people, including the truck driver, which is fewer than with other ways of working.

The load can be kept covered throughout the laying process, and that means that the temperature is maintained, which also improves the quality of the coating. The fact that no heat is wasted unnecessarily is also good from an environmental point of view.


  • Depending on the nature of the asphalt, about 30 tonnes/hour.

Length of transport arm:

  • 4.3 m or 4.6 m on the M-25E
  • 5.0 m on the M-25S

Maximum stone size:

  • We recommend a maximum of 32 mm in asphalt and 22 mm in gravel.

When installing on a truck, it is important that the truck bed overhang is not too great in relation to the height of the loading area. We recommend an overhang of no greater than 500 mm, but to assess suitability there are several variables that need to be taken into account. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help.

The Sprider M-25 takes its power from the truck’s hydraulic system. For this reason, the pump, tank and wiring need to be properly dimensioned and in good condition. In order to fully utilise the M-25’s capacity, we recommend an oil flow of 80 l/min at 220 bar. The tank should hold at least 120 litres.

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