Sprider for mastic asphalt

A Sprider for cast asphalt (Sprider G-25) is a standard Sprider M-25 that has been equipped with a number of adaptations to allow it to be mounted against the cast asphalt cooker and be able to handle the hotter Mastic asphalt.

Traditional handling of Mastic asphalt is usually very heavy and labour intensive. Once again, the Sprider takes over the heavy work, thereby increasing capacity and making the work more ergonomic.

The Sprider G-25 is an adaptation of the Sprider M-25 to be used with mastic asphalt. The transport arm on the Sprider G-25 is mounted directly against the mastic asphalt cooker or against the rear of the truck, depending on whether the boiler is fixed or mounted on a hook lift system.

Since cast asphalt is kept at a higher temperature than regular asphalt, and is also more temperature sensitive, the transport arm on the Sprider G-25 is electrically heated with significantly greater power than is used with the Sprider M-25.


Length of transport arm:

  • 4.6 m or 5 m

Power for electric heating:

  • 4,8 kW

When mounting on a truck, a bracket is fitted to the rear of the vehicle for the Sprider G-25.


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