Sprider Blackbox BB15 and BB35

The Sprider Blackbox makes it possible to keep a smaller amount of asphalt warm for a long time. We build them in two different sizes for different needs, with the common feature that they are well insulated and electrically heated.

The Sprider Blackbox is ideal for smaller workplaces or repair work, especially pothole-filling in cold climates.

Sprider Blackboxes are our electrically heated insulating containers for asphalt. They are available in two sizes, holding 1.5 tonnes (BB15) and 3.5 tonnes (BB35) respectively. The design makes them ideal for minor repair works in cold climates because the asphalt can be kept warm for a very long time – even overnight. When working with, for example, lots of small repairs, you do not need to worry about any risk of the asphalt solidifying in the container.

For convenience, the smaller Blackbox, BB15, is supplied mounted on a trailer, and as such constitutes a fully autonomous unit able to be drawn by any utility vehicle.

Using electricity as a heating source has the advantage that all energy can be used directly to heat the asphalt in the container, and there are no significant power losses, as is often the case when employing burners of various kinds. If you wish to keep the asphalt warm for a long time when the Blackbox is stationary, it is possible to connect the heating unit to an electricity mains supply, thus avoiding the need for a portable generator.

A trailer-mounted BB15 is powered by a petrol-driven hydraulic unit, while the larger BB35 can either be powered by such a unit or by the vehicle’s external hydraulics if such exists. All Sprider Blackbox functions are radio controlled by an easy-to-use remote control unit.


  • 1.5 or 3.5 tonnes of asphalt

Heat output:

  • 3.8 kW (BB15) or 5.2 kW (BB35)

For external hydraulics, an oil flow of approximately 20 l/min is needed at 150 bar.

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