ReCoDrive (remote truck controller)

ReCoDrive out-of-cab operation gives you the ability to operate the truck with precision and using the same remote control as Sprider, improving both ergonomics and efficiency. It is also safer for the working environment because you are outside the vehicle and have optimal oversight of your surroundings. ReCoDrive is the ideal device for when you need to be able to make a lot of brief movements of the truck while, for example, running the Sprider.

ReCoDrive is a hydrostatic operational unit that drives the truck by means of a claw clutch on the universal shaft, and a drive wheel and a small hydraulic motor next to the steering rod. It delivers unbeatable precision control over the truck in every possible situation. When the truck is driven from the cab in the normal way, the ReCoDrive is mechanically disconnected from running and steering the truck, and thus cannot cause interference.

ReCoDrive makes your work more efficient when you need to make a lot of short truck movements, as when working with Sprider. Safety is increased and the working environment is made more secure because the driver can always be positioned with optimal oversight during precision operation or when people are in the vicinity of the truck.

ReCoDrive has been tested for safety by the Swedish Road Safety Agency, Germany’s TÜV and UTAC in France.

SpriderMaskiner is a dealer for ReCoDrive which is manufactured by JPC Hydraulik AB.


  • Totally stepless hydrostatic operation. Maximum speed about 5 km/h.

Safety system:

  • Dead man’s grip linked to parking brake, camera for remote monitoring of the immediate area, acoustic alarm when driving.


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