Hook Lift Bins

A Sprider M-25 works best mounted on a well-insulated asphalt truck bed. We are dealers for CMT’s Hook lift bins, which are first class when it comes to thermal insulation. Through our cooperation with CMT, the bin can be adapted for Sprider and any other needs before it leaves the factory.


When transporting asphalt there are a number of different requirements to take into account. The truck bed should be light and durable enough to cater for a high payload without compromising on length of working life. It should also be well insulated so that the asphalt retains its properties during transport to the laying site, and does not cool down and solidify before time.

Hook Lift Bins from our partner CMT meet both these requirements. Hook Lift Bins from CMT can also be adapted for Sprider before they leave the factory by mounting the adapter and moving in the tailgate.

In its most common design, the asphalt truck bed is round-bottomed, insulated with 50 millimetres of mineral wool and has a top-hung split tailgate. As an option, we have a truck bed with a longitudinal divider and tailgate with a guillotine function, which makes it possible to transport different types of materials at the same time. We can also offer customisation such as an integrated roller compartment, integrated water tank, tool holder or other special solutions. The length of the truck bed is customisable according to your wishes for optimal fit on the truck.

One of the most important components to ensure prolonged heat retention is a good cover. On the bins sold by us, we advocate a one-sided opened Fliptop® Maxi folding cover. Fliptop Maxi opens by folding to one side, making it completely closed at the top and letting in minimal wind when in motion. The cover is made of dual-layer PVC containing fibre insulation for the best possible insulation.

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