EZ Filler

In some marketplaces, the wheelbarrow still rules when it comes to carrying product around, but it is a heavy and unwieldy means of transport for those who use it. By using Sprider EZ-Filler, you can easily, safely and ergonomically fill wheelbarrows or small paving units.

In response to requests from dealers and end-customers, we have developed some variants of machines where we use parts of the technology from Sprider M-25 to meet a specific need with a simpler product.

The machine known as the EZ-Filler, and which has been very successful on the French market, is one such example. Here, we have developed a simplified version of Sprider with just a transport arm and a simpler control system, in order to be able to fill wheelbarrows safely without anybody needing to be behind the up-tipped truck bed.


  • Depending on the nature of the asphalt, about 30 tonnes/hour

Length of transport arm:

  • 2,5 m

Maximum stone size:

  • We recommend a maximum of 32 mm in asphalt and 22 mm in gravel.

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